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About us

Saferoad Birsta AB is an engineering company with its own facility for galvanizing.

History and business mission
When the company was founded in 1961 by brothers Eric and Nils Larsson, the groundwork was already in place for the way we work today.
Now, as then, it is not only about delivering fault-free products, but also ensuring they are delivered on time. With this as a guiding principle, we continue to develop the company.

We have over 50 years of manufacturing experience, and have the intention of being one of the primary suppliers in the future. We manufacture and sell guardrails, bridge parapets and pipe supports (as SSG-Standard). We also provide incidental services (installation, project management, etc.) for these products.
Our manufacturing and our headquarters are located in Sundsvall. Local sales offices are located in Arboga and Borås. Stocks of finished products can be found in Sundsvall and Borås.

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